Poonam Jhawar Hot Photos, Poonam Jhawar as Nira Radia

As you drool on Poonam Jhawar's hot pictures and get stirred, here is some news of progress for this voluptuous actress. Poonam Jhawar has bagged a role of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia on screen in a film titled "2G Radia-tion". Good title, eh?

Very few know that this sizzling cougar of a female was actually a slim, cute babe in Mohra, where she was a part of the song called 'Tum Kitni Sundar Ho'. Times has changed and the hot bollywood women has now become a sensation of sorts. 
She has reportedly rejected an offer by Playboy to feature on the magazine's centrefold, saying it was too hot to handle, has made an appearance (like a really short one) in the 1994 Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon starrer "Mohra", and has featured in a couple of music videos – "Tauba Tauba Kya Hoga" and " Kis Kis Ko Batao". That's not all, she's even produced a film – "Aanch" starring Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal and Ayesha Jhulka, while playing the lead in it.

Currently, she's basking in the limelight of "2G-Radia-tion". At a press conference in Mumbai, she said, "The producers felt my overall personality matches with that of Nira Radia's. It's the role of a lifetime for me." The movie is to be produced by the UK-based Hiten Group, and helmed by Alpesh Dixit and Vijay Desai. Rumours are also abuzz that the group has roped in "Mr Ya Miss" director Satchit Puranik and Hollywood director of photography Mathew R Blute for this project. The film will trace Radia's life as a young entrepreneur who goes on to hit headlines after her involvement in the 2G scam is revealed. "It will not be an entirely true account of Radia's life," Poonam added, also stating that she's already begun to observe the original Nira a bit more carefully these days. Said Poonam, "I was amazed to see how cool and calm Radia has been ever since the controversy erupted. She was quite composed even in front of the media and while facing the CBI. She seems to be a very interesting personality.

I will try to incorporate these elements in my interpretation of the role." And for that, Poonam wants to meet Nira personally, before the shooting starts in April next year. But she was quick to add that neither Radia nor the government would be shown in a bad light in the movie. Well, it'd be amazing to see how Poonam Jhawar, whose wardrobe malfunctions and hot bulge inducing pictures(don't ask where!) can make a splash as Nira.

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