Indian Actresses Hot Expresssions

Indian actresses, Bollywood as well as Tollywood are good with hot expressions. When it comes to intimate scenes or masala scenes, our spicy actress give the best suggestive looks that may make you run all the way to the bathroom.What do you think about the steamy, hot expressions of our talented actresses?
Who said Katrina is a bad actress? Check out Katrina Kaif's hot expression
Priyanka Chopra in Fashion was hot in intimate scenes, and her expressions definitely made many rise to the occassion. Here are more pictures of Priyanka Chopra hot scenes in Fashion

Can you find Mallika Sherawat's hot expressions in Murder?

Aishwarya Rai hot expressions, just difficult to beat this!

Bipasha Basu in Corporate gave really believable expressions.

Is Kareena Kapoor farting, or is it just a suggestive expression...Looks funny and hot at the same time?

 Meghna Naidu in toilet enjoying herself, she has better things to do than attend the call of nature
Sameera Reddy's hot expression, something seems stuck gal?

Hot Celina Jaitley can act, her expressions are bang on target

 Ayoo! Trisha, someone apply some balm on her bum!

Hot Rani Mukherjee gets expressions right on. You just can't beat her, can you?

Unless, Anushka Shetty's sexy expression gives Rani a run for the money. Here are more Anushka Shetty's hot expressions and why she is the hottest South Indian woman

Vidya Balan's suggestive expressions are always aesthetic without being vulgar

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