Why Men Love Mallika Sherawat

Men between 10 to 100 love Mallika Sherawat. Why? Well, if this picture alongside is not enough, here are some reasons:

1.Mallika Sherawat can be called the breast actress, oops..best actress. She has the perfect figure, everything proportional. Mallika Sherawat has had wardrobe malfunctions, wardrobe disasters but men are okay with anything as long as her assets are enjoying the oxygen outside.

2. Long before the Sherlyn Chopras and Neetu Chandra came with spicy quotes, Mallika Sherawat ame with spicy quotes that really steamed up things. Her trademark lines include"

I haven't met a man who has more b**** than I do.'

'Kisses on screen. Imagine more in rehearsals, takes and retakes. If a hero can enjoy it, why can't I? Both of us had a great time.'

3. Mallika Sherawat has been one of the first Indian celebrities to be on Twitter. In fact, she is one of the the liveliest ones, not really self-obsessed but make it a point to have one to one conversations with guys.

4. She has managed to tower above the likes of Jackie Chan and Salma Hayek instead of looking like a pale shadow in front of them.

5. Mallika's biggest hit is still Murder (2004) she may have had lots of flops since then but her popularity is still unfazed, in fact, she is become even more popular now.

6. Mallika genuinely has a sense of humor, she can take a joke at herself and her sense of humor is saucy and sexy. She is not hypocritical like most celebrities who seem to find things disgusting outside but secretly enjoy them inside. Like when a fan on Twitter queried her about climbing atop a road lamp in the trailer of Hisss, the star doled out a naughty response, 'Snakes are cold-blooded, I was naked + had to keep warm ;).'

7. Mallika Sherawat has not just done steamy stuff just for the sake of it, she has also done some feel good romantic films like Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

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