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Sona is a south Indian film actress,born to a French father and a Srilankan mother. She rewrote the limits of vulgarity on the screen in the film Pathu Pathu defined by an Najil Naattu female Sona says it will only allow a man to kiss her on the screen that is Vijay.
Sona, entry in Kollywood as item rolls and appeared in film Pathu Pathu. It has also created doubts as to conduct the same kind of situation in real life as Pathu Pathu. It threatened to threatens that she will remove more, provided the story has a demand for thesame.
She added that she had a friend who dating with her for almost 6 years. After this, a man is a nuisance, as the men did not allow a free bird. Sona appeared in more than 30 films in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam and was selected for her appearance Vadivel’s wife and superstar Rajinikanth’s fan in Kuselan. Now Sona has own production company, Unique Productions and will release her first film Odu Machi Odu. The glamour’s Sona planning to invove in full-time in her own production for at least one year.She revealed in the press recently .Sona debuted in Shajahaan "and went to different kinds of roles in a variety of films to do. It soon became a hot item girl and has completed over 17 Telugu, 12 Tamil and 3 Malayalam movies.But slowly, Sona is film production. The first film started '2010-Bhagyaraj, but the second film Kanimozhi "was completed and is ready for release. She started third and also provide estimates of the production, in collaboration with the Amma Creations. Currently, she has films "Shokali" and "Ko" in hands.


2010 - Nagamani ( Telugu )

2010 - Odu Machi Odu ( Tamil )

2010 - Sokkali ( Tamil )

2009 - Azhagar Malai ( Tamil )

2009 - Venal Maram ( Malayalam )

2008 - Bullet ( Malayalam )

2008 - Kuselan ( Tamil )

2008 - Pathu Pathu ( Tamil )

2008 - Azhaipithazh ( Tamil )

2007 - Dhandayuthapani ( Tamil )

2007 - Kelvikuri ( Tamil )


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