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Manya is a South Indian actress. She started her career through Kannada films and was the famous director in Malayalam Lohitadas in Joker introduced with opposite Dileep. She acted in a number of films in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.
It is about half a dozen films were in Malayalam. But it is still considered by many as the "Joker" heroin reputation. It's Maanya, whose film "Joker" directed Lohitadas, projecting her in star squad. Manya is a unique actor, because she stood up, and won prestigious film awards in four major languages in the Indian film industry
Manja, a native of Bangalore, began her career in modeling and got her first break in a "Deva", directed YVSChaudhary. The movie should be a hit and fell into a sense overnight. Then in a few Telugu films' College, Ganapathy, as Sivanna "," Bachelor "," Love etc. It was during this time Venugopal Director and Co-Director Blessy search for a new person will start a new film by noted director Lohitadas. After screen tests, Manya the female lead in the opposite Dileep Lohitadas, "" Joker. Joker" made popular in Kerala, which acted to Vakkaalaththu Narayanan Kutty "Rakshasaraajaavu", "Singari Bolona" (forthcoming), "One Man Show" and last Kunjikoonan. she also did dual role in a tele-movie called "Kanmani" beamed recently Asianet. Manya played also against Jayaram in Tamil film "Naina" from directed by Manobala. she won the Kerala Film Critics Award for her portrayal of the joker. She married Satya Patel, who are NRI and the vice chairman of Swiss Re, U.S.A .
Movie Awards
2000: Balls Venumadhau best debut actress of 1999. Movie: Devaa, 1999 (Telugu)
2001: 24th Kerala Film Critics Award for Best Actress in 2000. Movie: Joker, 2000 (Malayalam)
2002: Television Awards Drisya & Audio: Best Actress (Special Jury) Award. Movie: Kanmani (Malayalam)
2006: Sun Feast Udaya Film Awards. Best Debut Actress. Movie: Varsha, 2005 (Kannada)
2006: Sun Feast Udaya Film Awards. Best Debut Actress. Movie: Shastri, 2005 (Kannada).



Varsha (2005)
Shastri (2005)
Shambu (2006)
Belli Betta (2005)
Ambi (2006)
Ee Preethi Onthara (2007)


Paranju Theerathu Visheshangal (2007)
Aparichithan (2004)
Udayam (2004)
Swapnakoodu (2003)
Kaathara (2003)
Joker [with Co-Star Dileep]
Vakalath Narayanan Kutty [acted opposite to Jayaram] (2001)
Rakshakan (2007)
Rakshasa Rajavu [with actor Mammookka (Mammootty)] (2001)
Kanum Doorath / Singari Bolona (2005)
One Man Show (2001)
Kunjikoonan (2002)
Kanmani [Asia-Net-Tel-Film. Dual role.] (2002)
Manasam (2004)


Devaa [with actin hero Srihari] (1999)
College (2000)
Ganapathi (2002)
Sivana (2001)
Bachelors (1999)
Bramacharulu (2004)
English Pellam - East Godavari Mogudu (1999)
Sitaramaragu (1998)
Sahasabaludu - Vichitrakoti (1999)
Naina (2003)
Selvan (2003)
Kusthi (2006)


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