Bollywood's Sexy Aunty Actresses, Bollywood's Yummy Mummy

Who said Indian actresses look good and hot only in their 20s and early 30s? Hot aunties ofBollywood are also fantasized and loved by every fan. Actresses who make us naughty in their 40s, sexy aunty actresses right from mid 35 to 60s have their own sex appeal, their own charm and their maturity oozes sensuality that pretty looking girls lack. Hot aunty actresses come across self-assured, confident, inhibition-less and they are able to carry themselves more confidently. They may not be exactly wafer thin or size zero, but who cares, we love the curves, the grace and the wild wilderness-that these aunty actresses have post their 40s. Let us look at the sexiest Indian Aunty Actress

1.  Sridevi: Sridevi at 46 is voluptuous as ever and looks even better than what she looked twenty years ago.

2. Madhuri Dixit: Madhuri Dixit is 42 and looks so much sexy and beautiful even at this age that she can give competition to the Bipasha and Kareena of today.

3. Juhi Chawla: Juhi Chawla is all of 42 but can stilll make us sing 'tu tu tu tu tara'

4. Rekha: Who says women cannot be sexy post 50? Rekha, who is 54 now is an ethereal diva, the sexy bombshell that may well be the most fantasized lady right from our dad's puberty all the way to the boys who are not in their late teens... The reason for Rekha to look ravishing and fetching even at this age is because she practices all the good health practices like eating simple food and sleeping properly on time.

4. Hema Malini: If Rekha looks hot at 50, we present Hema Malini, the epitome of voluptuousness, the queen of curves and the empress of beauty.  Hema Malini who is 61 has not only aged beautifully but looks every bit as stunning, perhaps even better than what she looked in her youth. Her beautiful skin, her sexy voice and her sexy figure that even beats her daughter makes Hema Malini, India's most fantasized actress throughout generations. Hema Malini looks hotter than both her daugther. The secret of her beauty: olive oil, lots of water and exercises-she says.

5.Malaika Arora: When it comes to Malaika Arora, nothing has changed. Hot in her 20s and hot in her late 30s.
6. Karisma Kapoor: Karisma Kapoor definitely looks sexy and hot at 35 then she ever did before. Check out her face glowing with womanhood

7. Raveena Tandon: Raveena Tandon may have made you drip Tip Tip but she still looks mast mast at 35

8. Kajol: Kajol looks definitely sexy at this age of 35, her body pleasantly plump with all those womanly curves rather than the gawky looking face of Bekhudi days.

9. Moon Moon Sen:  Moon Moon Sen is so sexy at 52 years of age. This hot lioness who looks hotter than both her daughters combined may just be a man's secret fantasy while he is taking a shower rather than the spunky Riya.

10. Shweta Tiwari: Shweta Tiwari, a yummy mummy at just 29 years of age is the reason most guys actually watch TV. And yes that Shweta Tiwari cleavage picture from Jungle Se Mujhe Bachchao is frozen in time.

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