Bikini Babes of Bollywood-Who is the hottest Bollywood bikini babe?

Who is the best bikini babe of Is it the slim figured, zero size Kareena Kapoor of Tashan, the voluptuous Amisha Patel with her killer curves in Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic, the athletic sexy drool worthy Esha Deol of Dhoom, the oh so shapely, sexy dusky Bipasha Basu of Dhoom 2, the sexyTanisha Mukherjee of Neil and Nikki or the voluptuous Celina Jaitley of Jawani Diwani.

Let us look at the Bollywood bikini babes who has set abaze the screen on fire…momentarily
  1. Celina Jaitley bikini show: Celina Jaitley was the first Bollywood actress in this decade to don a bikini. She showed up in a dotted bikini for a 1 minute sequence in  she used a violin as a prop. Though, it was nothing outrageous, a simply blink and a miss shot of Celina Jaitley did nothing to sizzle the movie Janasheen which flopped badly. Celina resurfaced again in a much bolder two piece bikini, looking red hot. But this was a sizzling exposure for a pathetic -Jawani Diwani. Fortunately or unfortunately Celina Jaitley didn’t get either fame or controversy because only empty seats in the theatre were witness to her bikini act.
  2. Esha Deol's bikini act: There were two sole factors for the surprise success of Dhoom in the year 2004: bikes and bikini of Esha Deol. It was a closely guarded secret that Esha Deol would don a bikini for Dhoom. And in the middle of the movie, from the waters comes a scorching hot Esha Deol with a washboard belly in a sizzling bikini. The camera ogled at her as the goddess emerged wet and bold. Simply superb stuff. Though the exposure was not outrageous, the surprise element of the the bikini in Dhoom created waves in the sea and ripples in the box office.
  3. Tanisha Mukherjee bikini show:Neel and Nikki was one of the weirdest movies that hit Bollywood in a long time, flop nevertheless but pretty weird for everyone to understand.An excuse of a wannabe Tanisha Mukherjee wanted to show cool is hot and hot is cool by wearing a pink two piece bikini. No doubt, she looked hot, but the movie scaled new height in obscenity. Even the front benchers thought it was a crude attempt at making a crude movie. Heard thatAyesha Takia was going to get the role of Nikki in the film, which she dropped out because of a kiss scene. My heart skips a beat when I think of the possibilities Ayesha Takia would end up with, had she had no qualms to wear a bikini. One of them would be a larger top, for sure.
  4. Bipasha Basu bikini act in Dhoom 2:The bold and beautiful dusky bombshell Bipasha Basu( I know I am going in an adjective spree here) is one actress who can actually look sexy without being vulgar. She is one of the who can look sensuous without an iota of obscenity. Bipasha Basu proved her point by dressing smartly in an itsy bitsy two piece bikini which actually looked like her second skin. It is believed that to get the fantastic slim figure for the bikini clad outfit, Bipasha Basu lived on only oranges for two days prior to her shoot. Dhoom 2 went on to be the biggest hit of 2006 and Bipasha’s bikini act was an icing to the cake prepared by the awe-inspiring presence of Hrithik Roshan.
  5. Kareena Kapoor bikini show in Tashan: They say statistics are like bikinis.they reveal more than what they can hide. In Kareena’s case, it was true, she has the right statistics and she really did reveal! The size zero figure ofKareena Kapoor failed to add zeroes to the bank balance of Yash Raj  Kareena’s bikini romp was the boldest from Yash Raj productions ever. In a provocative two piece steamer, Kareena Kapoor carried the outfit with loads of attitude and spunk.
  6. Amisha Patel: Amisha Patel who is known to be the cold behenji or the hot Gujarati aunty according to different senses and sensibilities, decided to put things on the right perspective and show what sexiness is all about. Never the skinny type, the voluptuous Amisha Patel was asked by  reduce to seduce. And that she did.Amisha Patel shed off a few kilos, worked out and finally came with a sculpted but non-skinny figure, right in time for Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic’s Lazy Lamhe song. The lazy song shot underwater, sunk the fortunes of Yash Raj once again. Don’t know whether Amisha Patel managed to charm anyone with her sex appeal, but irritate, she definitely did

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