Salman and Adnan Sami’s Son Azaan Had Fun Together

Salman Khan, and Adnan Sami with son Azaan
Salman Khan, and Adnan Sami with son Azaan
Salman and Adnan Sami’s son Azaan enjoyed each others company at Salman’s birthday party at Panvel. Like every year, Salman threw a birthday party for his friends at his farmhouse in Panvel. However the special guest this time was singer Adnan Sami’s 14-year-old son Azaan. Azaan who is currently in India to visit his father has attended the party.
Salman and Azaan get together very well and Salman took special care to make Azaan comfortable. Salman surprised all his guests as he and Azaan disappeared for almost an hour.
And what father Adnan has to say about this? “Later, I got to know that Salman had taken Azaan for a ride on his buggy scooter on the beach. My boy was simply blown way. He said it was one of the best experiences of his life. Azaan had a twinkle in his eyes that I hadn’t seen even while he and I were doing fun things together. Salman is a dear friend. Even though he had several guests to look after, he made Azaan feel special, I’ll never forget that,” said Adnan.
And now, the little boy wants a buggy scooter of his own. Adnan added, “Of course, I’ll get it for him. There’s nothing I won’t get Azaan. On our way to Salman’s farmhouse, Azaan had pav-bhaji and bhelpuri for the first time. Now he wants to take some of these snacks for his mother (Zeba Bakhtiar) also.”
Azaan also wants to take back Adnan’s pets golden Labrador and Rock to Karachi. But there is problem as Adnan’s second wife Sabah is also very fond of Rock.
On that note Adnan adds, “There’s nothing I’d deny Azaan but this is between Sabah and Azaan. Rock is attached to my wife as well as my son

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