MJ wanted to work with AR Rahman

AR Rahman and Michael Jackson
AR Rahman and Michael Jackson
In a candid interview, musical maestro AR Rahman revealed that the late king of pop michael jackson wanted to work him, which unfortunately didn’t happen due to death of the pop star. Talking about MJ, Rahman said, “He’s amazing, and undoubtedly the last King of Pop. MJ called me just a couple of months before his demise, expressing an interest in working with me, but unfortunately that was not to be.”
Rahman got a new identity on international level when he received Oscar award for song ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire. The award completely changed his perception in the West. On that note Rahman said, “We still have a long way to go. But this award is like an indicator — it helps me take the next big step. And if I do it right, only then will modern Indian music become a force to reckon with. So many young people in India are doing good music but most of them are trying to be someone else. You need to move into your own zone of originality. SM got the award on that strength — it had its own stamp. And Danny (Boyle) helped a great deal in achieving that quality.”
The maestro later said that the award changed his life. “What was unattainable in the West has now become possible for me. I can walk into any studio in the US with no questions asked — be it Sony or Universal — now people there know me.”
So does he now aiming for the Grammy award? “Yes. In fact SM might get it if it isn’t too late!” added Rahman.
After Oscars, Rahman got many offers from Hollywood. Even there is buzz that he is shifting to Los Angeles. So is India going to lose him for Hollywood? “I will have to balance my assignments in India and abroad. With video conferencing that’s not going to be too difficult. In fact the soundtrack for my recent film was mixed in LA and the files came through the internet. But yes, I am cutting down on my Indian assignments,” says Rahman

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