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Aditi Govitrikar agrees that she stopped getting good film offers after her marriage

Tell Aditi Govitrikar — that that her decision to get married when she was about to make her big debut in Bollywood — was nothing less than suicidal and she surprisingly agrees with you.

“Bollywood was not very keen to have married women as heroines when I got married. It was not a very positive thing to do for a woman who had career in the industry in mind. It was professional suicide but I wanted to get married then and I don’t regret my decision,” Aditi, who is a gynaecologist by profession, says.

She admits that it never crossed her mind that her marriage could end up ruining her career.

She adds, “I wanted to act in films but it never did pass my mind that I shouldn’t get married to keep my acting career going. I became Mrs World after I got
married. My career did not stop but yes Bollywood did not happen but it’s ok. I wanted to be a doctor and I’m very happy being one.”
But she is content with what she is doing right now. Aditi is so impressed with her performance at a reality television show that she has planned to write a book on it. What’s more? She says that she is so much in love with the show that she is looking forward to more such reality television contests.

“I don’t have any reality shows in my bag to do as of now but I’m so much in love with it after my experience with all the girls that I’m looking forward to walk the same path again. There’s so much fun, so much adrenaline rush that I can’t wait to relive it again,” says Aditi, a contestant at the first edition of the Indian Fear Factor that was hosted by Akshay Kumar

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