Aamir followed Danny Boyle’s footsteps

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
According to sources, Aamir Khan has roped in three kids from Mumbai local trains to sing for his next production venture The Falling, directed by Anusha Rizvi. The kids named - Durga (12), Nagarjuna (17), Bramendra (18) are discovered by musician Mathias Duplessy, who has given background score tothe film. The kids have recorded two songs under guidance of Mathias for the film, which is based on the theme of farmer’s suicide.
“I met the three kids two years ago through the director of The Fakir of Venice, Anand Surapur. They had played for me then. In fact, I have even traveled in trains to check out their talent. They have the energy and talent of gypsies. They’re great singers. Durga is the little princess of the group and Nagarjuna is the lead singer. Bramendra too has a very good voice,” said Mathias.
A source said, “Mathias discovered the talented kids. He learnt that they earn their daily bread and butter by singing in local trains. He found it interesting, got in touch with the kids and things quickly fell in place. Aamir was really happy with the trio’s talent and immediately agreed to record with them. In fact, Mathias is now making a film with a foreign production house where these kids will sing about six seven songs.”
Last weekend, Mathias arranged a small get-together at Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s house to showcase the kid’s talent. Aamir, Vidhu (producer of 3 Idiots) along with their wives were present there and liked the performances by the kids. “The kids gave a zabardast performance. Aamir was very impressed. Aamir and Vidhu may do something for the kids in future,” added the source

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