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You Give Me Dirty Fever: Ameesha PatelAmeesha Patel, who has just recovered from dengue, is mad at Mumbaikars for allowing diseases to thrive

Ameesha Patel is on the road to recovery from a bout of dengue. The actress had been housebound for over a fortnight after a nagging temperature was diagnosed as dengue fever.

The disease is caused due to mosquito bites and is widespread during the monsoon. Having been a victim, she wants Mumbaikars to have civic sense and rid the city of filth and stagnant waters -- the breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

"I have never felt so horrible. You can't do anything but be bedridden, " moans the actress. It began with a fever coupled with severe headaches and nausea.

"When my condition didn't improve, I had a blood test done. Initially I thought it would be malaria but later the doc told me I had dengue! My white blood corpuscle levels went alarmingly low."

As a result she had to do blood tests every day. "And every time it went up I felt like celebrating by popping champagne. Jokes apart, I could not even eat anything! Nor could I read or watch TV. It was just endless days of popping pills."

Ameesha adds, "It was a horrible experience and I don't want anyone to be in it." 

As dengue fever continues to spread in Mumbai, she wishes Mumbaikars would keep the city clean. "It is so sad that we still have to face a mosquito menace. Mumbaikars have no civic sense. Whenever I see anyone littering, I make a noise about it and tell them to stop. If everyone took it upon themselves to not throw garbage around, it will make a big difference."

The actress also wants the authorities concerned to attend to the sewage and clear stagnant pools of water as soon as possible. "This leads to a mosquito menace in the city causing illnesses. If we all pitch in, our city can be better. Ask me, I suffered because of it. Who would know it better? Let's all make a concerted effort to keep our city clean."

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