Shahid Kapoor 'Chance Pe Dance'

Shahid Kapoor with eight-pack abs for 'Chance Pe Dance'
Bollywood Chocolate Boy Shahid Kapoor's Trainer Abbas Ali said they managed to achieve the new look in a very short time for"Chance Pe Dance", directed by Ken Ghosh. "Shahid Kapoor had to look cosmetically presentable. After 'Kaminey' we had only two months in hand to change his complete look. It's Shahid Kapoor's sheer hard work, dedication and consistency that transformed him from what he used to look a couple of years ago to his present look," Abbas told IANS.

Shahid Kapoor's body in 'Chance Pe Dance' is better than all his previous films. Shahid Kapoor told me that dancers are coming from abroad and he wants to look like god and move like god. I had to change the entire training to bring that look along with flexibility and muscle endurance which was required for his dance performance," he said. Shahid Kapoor first started working on his body for Vishal Bharadwaj's "Kaminey" as he had to run with horses in a scene.

Shahid Kapoor didn't have a muscular body. I was training him only for fitness. Shahid Kapoor didn't want a picture perfect body in 'Kaminey' because the film shows that he comes from street and doesn't workout in high-tech gym," said Abbas. For "Chance Pe Dance" Shahid needed a sculpted body and practiced five days a week.

Shahid Kapoor also had to work on his diet. "Shahid Kapoor is a vegetarian and he doesn't even takes egg so first class protein, which is required to build lean muscle, was not there. White carbohydrate was removed from his diet, like white potatoes and pasta. We added brown carbohydrate like brown rice, sweet potato, oats instead. "We didn't go for low carbohydrates because if you go for low carbohydrates your performance level goes down in real life. He has to dance so we couldn't go for low carbohydrates." "Chance Pe Dance", in which Shahid plays a struggling actor opposite Genelia D'Souza, is set for a Jan 15 release

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