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  • aamir khan meets salman khan
    Salman Khan meets Aamir Khan (Photos) at his home. Bollywood super stars Salman Khan and Aamir Khan seen together at Aamir Khan's home for Bollywood bash for Gustavo Santaolalla: Photos Gallery. Read More...
  • salman khanPeople in love build monuments for their beloved. Salman Khan has done something better.

    When he heard that Katrina Kaifneeded a dubbing theater for weeks on end to dub for RajneetiSallu is said to have told the staff at his dubbing studio to just keep the studio at Kat’s disposal. He also told his staff to be patient with Katrina’s Hindi. So involved was Kat with the Hindi dubbing that she spent waking and sleeping hours at Salman’s studio till she got her lines perfect. And Salman hasn’t even presented Prakash Jha an extra bill for keeping the dubbing studio open 24x7 for Katrina. When it comes to Kat,Salman is all heart.
  • Salman Khan Advised Give Up Smoking

    salman khan smoking
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    Bollywood actor Salman Khan, was rushed to the Geetanjali Hospital in Wai, on Monday night after a fire erupted on the sets of Arbaaz Khan’s ‘Dabanng’, causing smoke congestion. He complained discomfort and soon he was rushed to the hospital . There the doctor advised Salman Khan to give up smoking as it would cause a great harm to his health.
    “His condition was aggravated by two factors. First he had been traveling all of the previous day and was exhausted. Secondly, his smoking habits, coupled with the smoke inhalation, caused him further discomfort,” said Dr Jayghosh Kaddu, medical director of the hospital.
    “I told him that he would be a better actor to his fans if he gave up smoking as it would be better for his health.
    He took the advice very sportingly with a smile,” added Kaddu.
    Salman Khan promised to give up smoking several times in the past, but he failed to keep his words.
    Hope he lives up to his promise at least this time.
  • Salman rides bicycle in Mumbai Streets

    Salman rides bicycle in Mumbai Streets
    We have seen and heard about the mega star Salman Khan cycling on the roads of Mumbai, not bothered about the traffic or the traffic jam that gets created in the bargain. Well, this time round, Salman was at it again but all done for a cause that's closer to Salman's heart than anyone and anything else: 'Being Human'.
    Yesterday saw Salman Khan leading India's first ever international cycling event, 'Mumbai Cyclothon-Tour De Mumbai'. This event was grander and had more grandeur than all the recent events put together. Many of tinsel town residents had assembled to give the event a star glow. A huge crowd lined up to see the cyclists on the ever-busy Bandra Reclamation grounds. The crowd consisted of many amateur cyclists, working professionals, children, and even housewives! There were a total of 14 professional cycling teams competing with each other. Each world standard team was present along with the Indian national cycling team. Talking on the occasion, Dr. Raghuram, President, TI Cycles said that "We aim to help put Mumbai on the international cycling map as well as contribute to a healthier and greener environment through the BSA Hercules India Cyclothon, Mumbai-2010".
    On the Khan household, besides the 'most-Wanted' Salman, one also saw presence of his brother Sohail Khan and also sister Arpita, who seemed to be happy about her brother taking her on a bicycle ride. All in all, it was definitely an event to remember!
  • Salman Khan promoting ‘Veer’

    These days the promotion of the film is as important as the making of the film itself and where Aamir Khan and SRK have been trying out innovative means to promote their flicks, Salman Bhai is not lagging behind. As such, this Sunday, Salman Khan was spotted riding a horse at the Hello Million Race, racing against top jockeys at the Mahalakshmi race course in Mumbai as part of his promotion for the much ambitious project, ‘Veer’. Salman’s leading lady in Veer, Zarine Khan along with sisters Arpita and Alvira and brother Arbaaz, was spotted cheering for Salman Khan throughout the race.
    Clad in a black t-shirt, blue jeans and donning a yellow helmet, the 44-year-old raced with six jockeys at the Mahalakshmi race course Sunday, winning the event and being awarded a trophy. “I was a bit nervous (before the race). If I’d have lost, people would have thought Salman lost the race and if I’d have won then they would have said that he had to win because he is a star,” Salman told the reporters after the race.
    “But I’d like to clarify that it was not a set-up and was a genuine race. I gave my best along with the jockeys and so did they,” he added.

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