Salman Khan in Farah’s

Salman in Farah’s OSO, Main Hoon Na Sequels
As We know that the once upon a time Best Budy, Shahrukh Khan and Farah khan, are not as thick as they were.

Farah chose Akshay Kumar over Shahrukh Khan for Tees Maar Khan. Now, news is that, she might work with Salman Khan for her next movie.

Salman Khan and Farah have been close buddies since a long time. Their friendship was very evident when recently, Salman Khan came as a guest judge on a dance reality show which Farah judges.

Salman Khan then wittily quipped that he had been selected for the lead role in the sequel of Farah’s ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Main Hoon Na’.

Farah has also not denied it. She responded by saying he would be in the sequels.
Though it was a joke between them, it was a little difficult for Shahrukh to swallow it.

When members of the media asked Shahrukh about this, he chose to ignore it and remained Silence on the issue. Shahrukh was jovial earlier and answering all the questions with his usual wit and charm but the colour drained from his face when asked about Farah and Salman Khan.

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