Rakhi Sawanth wants a lesbian partner in real life

Indian’s dram queen Rakhi sawanth has revealed a shocking statement about her real life. In a media interview, she disclosed that she desire to get into a lesbian relationship as she started to hate men and prefers to be comfortable with women. After picking up her bridegroom on a Swayamwar show on a television network, the item girl actress has disclosed that she is vexed with the males from now on.
Rakhi claims that she has started finding a women’s body more sensuous and exciting and so is looking for a suitable female partner in order to start a lesbian relationship with her. These shocking statements of Rakhi have negatively moved the women population of India. Like tennis sensation Sania Mirza, the Indian women want Rakhi to be kicked out of the country of India.
Furthermore, Rakhi wants to produce a reality show, which will be again a swayamwar and wants girls and boys to participate on this show. She wants to re-select her life partner on this show and prefers a female this time.

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