New Kapoor sisters are on Bollywood

Kapoor sisters are on rise in bollywood and are said to be storming the Hindi film industry. The name ‘Kapoor sisters’ will surely refer to Kareena and Karishma. But here the Kapoor sister’s referred are the new breed in bollywood.
Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam and Rhea are the new breed of stars from Kapoor Khandhan, in bollywood. Sonam is now a well known actress in bollywood and Rhea Kapoor is producing a movie with her elder sister in the lead and the title is “Aisha”.
It is said that rhea is an intelligent young girl and has some directional skills as well. But she wants to try them later and wants to presently stick to producing films. It is believed that Rhea is said to produce the film “Aisha” on her own and will be getting the favor of Anil Kapoor only for promotion. Some sources added that rhea has good number of contacts and is said to receive funds from her high profile friends.
No matter what the fact is, the new breed of Kapoor sister’s are taking the bollywood like a storm and their names are buzzing immensely in bollywood news headlines

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