Kareena launches Personal Website

Kareena Kapoor launches Personal Website
All the Bollywood Actors are busy joining the famous social networking website Twitter, Bollywood Hot n Sexy Actress Kareena Kapoor probably aspires something bigger and exclusive.

Kareena Kapoor has launched her official website (www.kareenakapoor.me) where Kareena hopes to share tidbits of her daily life with her fans.

“This is my own site, my own space. I like the idea of leaving Post-it notes for my fans. I have created a special fan book where fans can write to me directly,” Kareena Kapoor said in a statement.

On her website, Kareena Kapoor also declared that she’s delighted and privileged to be part of the global 1 GOAL campaign which aims to support education for all.

“1 GOAL campaign will reach a number of people who are not familiar with Indian cinema. This site will be a window to India and Indian cinema,” said Kareena.

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