Kareena Kapoor is quite uncomfortable with Saif's kids

Kareena Kapoor is quite uncomfortable with Saif`s kidsRecently, the Chotae Nawab, Saif Ali Khan essayed the role of a very responsible dad. He indeed is a devoted boyfriend and would 'follow' his beau, Kareena almost anywhere, but he recently surprised the world when he achieved a greater degree of responsibility to be with his kids and his ex-office Amrita. 

It's rumored that Kareena Kapoor is quite uncomfortable with Saif's kids. She avoids them as much as she can. 

Everytime they are around, she disappears and when the children come to stay with their dad, Kareena moves to her own apartment.

Kareena-Saif are one of the hottest couples of present Bollywood and are seen almost everywhere together. Be it a red carpet function, a movie premier or a social page 3 party, the two are always seen with each other.

However, everytime Saif's children come to visit him; he has to leave her company in order to give some quality company to them. It seems that fatherhood is still alive inside him and from what it seems, it's not just alive but also quite active in Khan's persona!

So the Chotae Nawab flew off to London after his Agent Vinod's schedule in Morocco ended. He did this only to spend some nice time with his children. The children are with Amrita, Saif's former wife and all of them are having a gala time there. Saif simply wishes to join them so it seems.

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