Kangna Ranaut 21-07-2010 Diary

7 am: Veg sandwich + black tea.

8 am: Let's go fully traditional! White churidaar 'n' pink dupatta. :)

10:30 am: In Filmistan, shooting for Indian Idol 5. They have rolled on time, Ajay (Devgn) is also here.

1 pm: Feeling hungry!!! Will call for Chinese food.

Food for thought: Stepped out for a snack before interviews; eating sev puri with Gitikaa

2 pm: Leaving for media interviews for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai

6 pm: One interview rapidly follows another. All ask the same questions, but want different answers.

7 pm: Interviews still on, feel exhausted, but not complaining, because it's the worst feeling when your movie is releasing and they keep you out of its promotions. So be grateful, Ms Ranaut.

8:30 pm: Everybody thinks Ajay and I look very good together. Hmmm... I agree!

9 pm: Let's hit the gym!

10:30 pm: Aloo gobi, green dal, salad and chapati.

11:30 pm: In bed now with the book Flowing Like A River, but I'm chatting with Rangoli. There's so much to tell her....

1:30 am: We are still talking, no trace of sleep. I wrote diary for Mid Day and then picked up my own. I don't write everyday, but its the best feeling to read your thoughts

2 am: Lights off! Trying to sleep, good nite!

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