Kangana Launch her Official Website

Kangana Ranaut to launch her official website

Kangna Ranaut
 is boldly going where no actress has gone before. The actress will start blogging soon. She will launch her official website next month: realkangnaranaut.com and besides using it as a platform to clear rumours about her personal and professional matters, she plans to use it to catch up with her family, friends and fans. Read on to discover what else she has planned...
Let's talk about Kangna Ranautwebsite.
I decided to start my own website mainly because of all the rumours about me. Sometimes things said about me are so random, that it's upsetting. Earlier, the media used to be the middleman between a celebrity and their audience but now one day they say something and the other day they say something totally different, there is confusion all around. People who follow their favourite stars don't really believe everything a newspaper says, you know. These fans now are falling very far from the stars. And I want to connect with them directly.
So are you going to blog?
Yes, I will be writing my blog and also tell my fans, family and friends everything that is going on in my life. They will be able to post questions and I will reply to them. If I am shooting, I will upload new pictures, if I go out with my friends partying or something, I will upload them too. Like for instance, Priyanka and I had a fabulous time shooting for Fashion, but still there were stories of our catfights or what were not true, so I can post pictures from the set with us bonding to refute such rumours. I will also post promos of my upcoming films on my website.
What's the name of the website and when is it launching?
The site is called 
www.realkangnaranaut.com and it will be launching in June.
Let's talk about the rumours of your nude act in raaz 2...
Let's talk about the rumours of your nude act in an upcoming film.
I don't know, how it started but people have just picked it up from some random website and nobody has bothered to check with me. I would to clarify that I am not doing any nude scene in the movie. Also I would to clear that I have never done a nude scene in Raaz The Mystery Continues. It was done with body suit et al. People are saying I am doing this bare scene because I am getting paid a huge amount. I get paid to act and not to do nude scenes. I won't ever do one.
What if it was integral to the script?
No, I still wouldn't do it. Because even though I am independent, I still have to understand and consider the feeling of other people's sentiments like that of my parents and the society that I am living in. Nude scenes is a very Hollywood thing and there everyone does it and it's no big deal. But Indian culture is different and we are different people and our cinema is very different.
You did Dabboo Ratnani's calendar shoot, which was pretty bold!
I don't know why people call that picture a nude one because you must have seen girls wearing low neck tops and cleavage showing one from top but I think people are not used to seeing the lower portion of the breast. It was not a nude shoot, and I was very comfortable shooting for it.
What does your boyfriend Adhyayan think of you exposing?
He doesn't have any issues with anything I do. He is very chilled out. The thing is that he looks at me as an actor. He has lived abroad alone for many years and he has seen much more than India can ever show him. He doesn't get shocked over anything.

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