I hate love storys is for younger generation

I hate luv story’s at last hit the screens on July 2nd, 2010 in India. But the Canada and Dubai crowds had a taste of it almost 24-48 hours ago. The movie is aimed at the younger generation and has everything interesting for the younger generation. Sonam plays the character of SIMRAN who is always connected with love and has a soft corner for love stories. Imran, who plays the character of jay hates luv stories for a reason. Incidentally, these two unlike poles meet and get attracted with each other. It is Sonam who realizes that she is in love with jay at first and then the later gets the feel in the later half of the reel.
On the whole, the movie is about younger generation and is for the younger generation. It has a sweet message in it and will reflect the way the generation is thinking in today’s world.
Many online reviews and mouth talks are positive for this film and so, this is going to be the paisa vasool film for this weekend.

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