Fifa world cup in bollywood

Fifa world cup 2010 has seen Spain bagging the world cup’s golden ball in this year. Now, this extravaganza will be again seen after 4 years and so the excitement of this gaming world cup was extraordinary. Bollywood stars like SRK< Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan were seen at the world cup finals. They were seen cheering for Netherlands and were also sharing the VIP lounge with international stars like Charlize theron.
It is reported that SRK was seen sharing some sweet words with Charlize Theron, who recognized the Indian celebrity at a glimpse. She smiled at him and exchanged some pleasantries. It is now reported that Shah Rukh Khan has proposed a film role to her in his production RA One, but Theron was a bit filled in the mood of the world cup finale and paid less attention to his proposal.

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