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Akshay Kumhar is MuslimAkshay Kumar is Playing A Funny Role in his New Funny Movie Tees Maar Khan directed by Farah Khan. Akshay Kumar is with Katrina Kaif in this movie where as Akshay Khanna is also included in this film. Tees Maar Khan is a Funny movie where Akshay Kumar is a playing Tees Maar Khan and Katrina Kaif is a Wanna be an item girl role.
Akshay Kumar has waived off his entire fee for Khatta Meetha and Tees Maar Khan. Akshay Kumar who attained notoriety as the actor who was reportedly signed for as high a fee as Rs 71 crore for a film has had a change of mind.
Reliable market sources say that the entire completion cost of Akshay’s next two films -Khatta Meetha directed by Priyadarshan andTees Maar Khan directed by Farah Khan will reportedly not exceed Rs 35 crore.
According to one trade source, “The cost of making Khatta Meetha and Tees Maar Khan will not 
include the actor’s fee.”
The same source alleged that when Akshay realised that his films Chandni Chowk to China, Kambakkht Ishq and Tasveer lost 
money because of his individual fee as an actor, he decided to make a market correction.
Having studied the current Bollywood trade scene, the actor in concurrence with his filmmakers has decided not to charge a single penny for his films. However, Akki’s banner Hari Om Productions is a co-producer for Khatta Meetha andTees Maar Khan.
The actor explained the logic behind this drastic move of not charging his market fee, “My fee for both films will be zero. If both films are hits, then my 
production house will stand to benefit by getting a part of the profits. If the film is average, the profit margin will automatically be reduced. However, it’s important to note here that even if the film flops, no one will lose money because the budget has been controlled. By not charging my personal remuneration as an actor, I’m making sure that these films will at least romp home with no losses.”
Trade sources claim that the Akshay module is being closely watched by all actors who have home productions.

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