Veena Malik and Cricket Muhammad Asif Got Married

actress Veena Malik entered wedlock in London recently.

According to reliable sources, the wedding took place on May 28. Veena Malik had left for London with Asif while wearing a burqa from the Islamabad airport. Asif gave Veena a car as a gift on her birthday, while Veena bore Asif’s expenses including the fee of the lawyers he had hired in connection with cases relating to his cricketing career.
Cricketer Muhammad Asif and It is divulged that Asif had assured Veena that he would make public their marriage on his return to the national cricket team in September. It may be noted that Veena Malik has ended her interaction with the press following the revelation of this news.
source = Jang (images are not collected from this source link)

Scandal Video of Veena Malik and Pakistani Cricket Muhammad Asif

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